Welcome to EMEC in Australia

EMEC is a leading manufacturer of dosing pumps, control instruments (including conductivity, pH, ORP & free chlorine) and integrated dosing systems for use in the following Australian water treatment industries:  Cooling Towers, Potable Water, Waste Water, Boilers, Swimming Pools, Food & Beverage and Process. EMEC is wholly represented in Australia by Convergent Water Controls Pty Ltd.


A wide choice of the most advanced metering and dosing pumps for many sectors of application and the perfect solution for any specific dosing need.


Monitoring & control instruments suited to check any kind of parameters and to manage all dosing pumps and metering systems (remotely with ERMES).


LOTUS chlorine dioxide disinfection systems are the safest and most reliable against legionella and the only ones in the world with remote control (with ERMES).


All-in-one turnkey solutions assembled on customizable panels in specified combinations of dosing pumps, control instruments, probes and accessories.