EMEC in Italy


EMEC History (1982 – 2017)

EMEC was established in 1982 as the brainchild of four partners with the aim to create a totally italian company in the world of dosing and metering of chemicals. Over the years the company has changed, growing and developing the necessary know-how to become today a reality known worldwide.

EMEC’s headquarters and production site is in Rieti, Italy, on a surface of 5500 sq.m., with a warehouse of 1550 sq.m., where more than 150 people work to design and produce their products. EMEC manages everything, from raw materials to after-sale support, because they believe in following every step of production as a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

Product Design

Designing underpins the production process, driving each and every aspect of work at EMEC. All efforts are geared towards delivering a timely, accurate and effective response to customers’ requirements. For this reason the resources allocated to designing and development division are 10% of our company’s human capital. Engineers & technicians work for the development of the software and designing hardware, as well as studying and testing the hydraulic and mechanical components.

EMEC’s in-house professionals have unique knowledge and skills, gained in years of hands-on experience as well as in an external ongoing professional training, which allow them  to be always up to date on managing of chemicals. EMEC offers its clients highly trained, skilled professionals, whose proven credentials and wealth of experience are nothing less than leading-edge.

Faced with a broad range of customer requirements, EMEC’s rapid response time is a part of the value-added service. They are  committed to directly handle the products and systems implementation, with no third-party involvement. Whilst this entails higher overheads, vertically managed implementation also implies huge benefits in terms of control over global quality and, as a consequence, in the ultimate reliability of the products.  EMEC has established an internal printing centre dedicated to user manuals to stay abreast of the market: because the changes and the improvements requested by customers go faster than technical literature.



The high quality standards of the products and services come from an uncompromising strategic choice that identifies quality as the very raison d’être of EMEC. This is the basis that has always distinguished them in the broader market.

The pillar for the production chain at EMEC is the internal production workshop. EMEC takes pride in ensuring full internal control over all aspects of production. As much as it implies an onus, product reliability is their foremost pledge which cannot be delivered by outsourcing the production of key product components. The workshop’s capabilities are also crucial to the design stage, ensuring full control over product and systems development and customisation, offering customers a complete solution to their requirements.

EMEC has unparalleled experience and professional know-how required for the delicate assembly stage, where high quality components come together to form top-of-the-range products. There are as many as 40,000 components: a figure which, on its own, testifies to the scale of the commitment to resources and standards.

Low quality is not an option for EMEC. Substandard products defy efforts to secure a market standing, generate the added burden of production recalls and inevitably compromise subsequent product placement. EMEC’s rigorous self-assessment standards are reflected in the quality of the products. Each and every component is subject to rigorous internal testing, with three layers of testing contributing to assembled product reliability. Such stringent standards ensure significantly inferior damage probability, heightened lifetime and optimal operation of the products.